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problems with eyes
One of the side effects of the Laser Lasik surgery is Lasik dry eyes. Do not worry, it's nothing serious and it only last for a few days. Your eyes are able to heal themselves.

The Lasik surgeon uses the laser to slice a tiny hinged corneal flap on the surface of your eye. That is to allow the laser to reshape the inner corneal surface of your eye. After the procedure the flap must heal and re-bonding with the surface of the cornea.
Keep in mind that not everyone is perfect with laser eye surgery and there are times when problems can occur. Most of the time, this can result in further irritation of the common side effects of eye surgery. Other patients are left with permanent, debilitating side effects that often lead to lawsuits and even depression.

The problems associated with laser eye correction can be due to the patients' eyes or the eye surgeons' faults.

The most characteristic complication of LASIK surgery is a flap complication, caused by the surgeon misplacing the flap back on...